The Murder of God’s Banker: Roberto Calvi and The Vatican


Length : 52’, Ratio : 4/3, 16/9, Versions : French, English
Written and Directed by : Heribert BLONDIAU and Udo GÜMPEL
Production : WDR – Quartier Latin
Worldwide distribution : ICTV

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For many years Italian banker Roberto Calvi had been the front man in a secret Vatican operation to transfer money to Poland, supporting the Solidarity trade union in its anti-communist uprising. The Vatican was allied with America’s Reagan administration, which was also active in bringing about the downfall of the Soviet Empire. But suddenly a tax inspection revealed a huge hole in Calvi’s accounts and on the morning of June 18th 1982, his body was found hanging beneath the arches of Blackfriars Bridge in London. Just hours before, he had warned the Vatican that he intended to save his skin by telling the Italian Tax Commission that he had used the money for the Pope’s secret operations. Roberto Calvi did not live to talk – and his death was made to look like suicide.

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