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Red Mansion


The mysterious Life of André D’Hormon, pioneer of the Sino-French Friendship

Duration : 52’, Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available Versions : Chinese, English, French
A film by LU Jing & WANG Chi – Adapted by Lucie DENECHAUD, Isabelle COLLIN & Michel NOLL
Image: LI Lee, YU Sun, Lucie DENECHAUD, Mathieu WILSON – Editing: TING Ting & Isabelle COLLIN
Produced by WANG Chi & Michel NOLL – A production of: Beijing TV & Solferino Images
In association with Productions latérales & Quartier Latin Media
International Distribution: ICTV

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The friendship that connects China to France has been celebrated in 2014 via the 50th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between the two countries. However, the basis for the complex economic, political and cultural relationship is much older: a handful of French as well as Chinese citizens have created over the centuries the friendly foundations. One of them has singularly participated in this development, first by his political role, but also through his love of China and his incredible knowledge of the ancient Chinese culture. His name: André d’Hormon. Little known to the general public, this mysterious man died in 1964 but did not want to leave anything behind. All his research, his writings, his accumulated knowledge has been burnt upon his instructions. Even his body has disappeared. He was an extraordinary protagonist of the cultural dialogue between China and France, and a very knowledgeable connoisseur of the political developments in China during the first half of last Century.

He will become alive in this remarkable documentary. Thanks to an interview André d’Hormon gave on his journey home to France, we will become acquainted with the most significant steps of his itinerary. Descendants, analysts and historians but also the famous Li Zhihua with whom he translated « Red Mansion », a masterpiece of ancient Chinese literature, will contribute to compose the portrait of one of the most secret and remarkable pioneer of the Sino-French friendship.