Nu Shu

Nu Shu


A secret language for women in China

Duration: 52’, Ratio: 16/9, Format: SD, Available versions: Chinese, French, English
A film written and directed by YANG Yue-Qing and produced by Michel NOLL
Production: East-West Film Enterprises
International Distribution: ICTV

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This compelling documentary exposes a subculture born of resistance to male dominance. In the heart of China’s Jian-Young county, uneducated and illiterate peasant women developed their own secret written language, called Nu Shu, which means female writing.

The film follows 86-year-old Huan-Yi Yang as the only woman alive who can still read and write Nu Shu. Following her story, we learn about her fight for survival and the strength of spirit that these women showed in their resistance. In such a rural setting, where women are still subject to male oppression, a strong bond develops between them, stronger than that of traditional family attachment. These women, members of the NuShu fraternity, are all united by an intangible connection and loyalty to each other. Consequently they use the secret language of NuShu to communicate their suffering, but also their independence and their specific sense of community.

Moving, enlightening and humble, this fascinating film reveals the courage and strength required to live in the face of oppression.

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English, Français, Italiano, 中文