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When the parents divorce, the three members of the family move on separately in their lives. Father marries the girlfriend whom he had met during the Cultural Revolution, while mother is going to marry the boss she worked for so many years. Born in the 1980’s, their son Bing cannot come to grips with the undeclared crisis of faith, embarrassment and painfulness under the surface of his parents’ choices. To find out the reason of the divorce, he embarks on a journey long several thousand miles to revive the memories of his father’s years during the Cultural Revolution. He discovers that this significant period of time in history played a crucial part in the tragedy of the marriage. Right in front of the love and hatred suddenly appearing, the two generations face each other, souls far apart. Trust, understanding, humanity, and tolerance, all of those were originally the solid foundation of a traditional Chinese family. However, as a result of the dramatic change in social values, the alienation of relationships, and the indifference between two generations, it seems that more and more families are torn to pieces, leaving behind them lonely fathers, mothers and sons, all by themselves on their own journey. We are left wondering how these new “individuals” will confront their loneliness and maintain the dignity of their lives. L’évolution des valeurs sociales et des relations entre les générations a amené de plus en plus de familles à éclater, laissant des pères, mères, fils et filles, isolés, seuls face à leurs propres destinés. La tragédie de Bing et de sa famille est donc loin d’être un cas particulier et dépasse largement les frontières chinoises. Une problématique au cœur de nos sociétés modernes et occidentales. Ce documentaire nous permet également d’observer avec une rare proximité des trajectoires individuelles, inévitablement influencées par l’histoire sociale. Par ce biais, nous allons comprendre les crises et les défis, auxquels doivent faire face les familles chinoises traditionnelles de notre époque.