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Russia’s Natural Treasures (6 x 25′)


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Weight250 g
Dimensions25 × 130 × 185 cm
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Today’s Russian Federation counts about one hundred national parks, usually closed for to the general public. They are spread over an immense territory, inaccessible for a long time, yet today, they offer their secrets to the authorized visitor. A mixed Franco-Russian crew went to the farthest corners of Russia to discover a most surprising and unusual wildlife. Each of the independent episodes of this series is dedicated to one of the authentic regions of Russia and offers a very divers and rich insight into the local natural environment . The following areas are covered in these six episodes : Ep. 1 : The Coast of the White Sea Ep. 2 : The last Steppes Ep. 3 : Lake Baikal – Pearl of Siberia Ep. 4 : Life in the Tundra Ep. 5 : Enchanted Forests of the Caucasus Ep. 6 : Mother Volga’s Plains and Riverbanks The vivid images of the wildlife in the fantastic landscapes of these little visited regions are even more surprising since they are being offered to us for the first time.