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Organic, against all odds


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Weight80 g
Dimensions10 × 130 × 185 cm


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Mr Liang, has a passion for cooking. Aged around 60, he is today the owner of two restaurants and an ‘organic’ farm in the rich Southern Province of Guangdong, in China. One of his restaurants, small in size, is located in Chongua, not far away from the farm. A few years ago, he converted it to an organic holding and it became a modest success. Encouraged by this experience, he bought a huge restaurant, seating 500 clients, right in the heart of the province’s capital, the city of Canton. He attempts to convert this one also into an organic restaurant, but in Canton, the competition is fierce. His wife has enthusiastically supported and helped him during each stage of his ambitious venture and his son has obediently followed his steps. No doubt the three of them represent a really solid team for the everyday management of their business. But Mr Liang’s ideals, and his absolute quest for a healthier way of life, have not yet made his Canton business a profitable one. Many still doubt the pertinence of the concept and keep resisting it… Nevertheless, he is deeply convinced of the benefits of a balanced cooking with organic products, and he resolutely attempts to convert his employees and his family. Dedicated and persevering, he shares all his time between his restaurant and his organic farm. He orientates every move of those around him towards his organic methods and aspirations, even if they are, most of the time, very different from the usual rhythms and gestures imposed by our consumer society. The truth is that everything around him is more easily attracted to appearances and short tern profit than to the authenticity of natural flavours. Anyway, his somewhat revolutionary quest meets scepticism and doubts, and even resistance of his employees… the never ending recurrence of resignations from his employees at the farm, the disrespect of his instructions as soon as his back is turned are the most virulent signs of the existing disagreement …we are left wondering if Mr Liang will finally be shattered by these dissensions or will he remain confident in his quest and tenacious enough to make his dream come true?