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My Last Secret


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Weight80 g
Dimensions10 × 130 × 185 cm

52 mins

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In a quiet suburb of Suzhou near Shanghai, Mrs. Sun, now in her 90s, lives alone with her memories. Her only companion an illiterate carer she calls Nanny. Following a fall, her world has retreated from the surrounding streets to her bedroom. Occasionally relatives and others will visit. Once a prom queen beauty who eloped with an unsuitable boy, the old lady is rumoured to be quite rich, and everyone wants to know what she will do with her money and property when she dies. But Mrs. Sun is cagey, and way too crafty to give away her one remaining hold over those around her. It’s her last great secret and she guards it like a treasured possession. As the old lady deteriorates, Nanny and the others manoeuvre to benefit, some relatively innocently and some less so, but the wily old bird is still capable of springing a surprise or two. And it becomes harder and harder to read what she is really thinking… Filmed over a period of seven years, My Last Secret is a poignant work that blends humour and sadness to create a film that is both engaging and moving.