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Duel in Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto between the Mosque and the Military


Length : 52’, Ratio : 4/3, 16/9, Versions : French, English
Written and Directed by : Michel NOLL
Production : LCP Assemblée Nationale – Deutsche Welle – Quartier Latin – Solferino Images
Worldwide distribution : ICTV

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Weight80 g
Dimensions10 × 130 × 185 cm

52 mins


English, Français

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Since its independence in 1947, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is torn between civil rule and military dictatorship. The first civilian to take power is Zulfikar Ali Bhutto when he triumphally wins the 1971 elections. But only six years later, General Zia coups him out of his position, puts him on trial and has him hanged, despite major international protest. Nine years later, his daughter Benazir wins the elections and tus makes sure that civilians are back in power. At only 35 years of age, she will be the first woman to run an Islamic Republic. But the duel continues: eleven years later, General Musharraf prompts another Coup d’Etat and Benazir will spend several years in prison. She’ll end up in Exile and will spend her time between London and the Middle East.

Again, eight years later, in October 2007, with support from Washington, she returns to Pakistan to stand in the January 2008 elections. Her objective : to restore democracy in Pakistan. Washington had apparently forced the hands of General Musharraf. Every poll indicates that she will win the elections, when History strikes again. On December 27, 2007 her life comes to a tragic end when a Kamikaze Bomber hits one of her election meetings. This film tells her tragic story as we learn about the turbulent History of her country and its every present struggles for power.