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Welcome, to our first newsletter.  Our intention is to bring to our friends, clients, partners news about relevant events, productions, films and screening on a monthly basis. We hope that over the time it will become a useful tool in our communications, and make everybody’s life easier. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know…. since nobody is perfect…:)

03.DemzQl3After a very busy 2015, I am pleased to confirm that we have now completed our newest current affairs programme: Inside the DMZ (52’). It is a journey inside the no-man’s land that has separated the two Koreas for more than 60 years: an opportunity to remember what Korea’s separation was all about, and why the current situation seems likely to be stable for many more years to come. The recent provocative behavior of Kim Jong-un, grand-son of North Korea’s founder gives this film a particular timely handle.

Meanwhile, we are finalizing the last touches of our new social issue feature around the Return of the Wolf. The controversial predator has returned to the Alps in the late 80’s and creates a lot of unrest in the mountain areas. it seems that the green lobby protects him, while the mountain herders suffer his attacks.

06.ArmyQlAlso in the last weeks of post-production is a history program focussed on the conflict between Mao Tse-tung and Chiang Kai-chek in the late 40s and early 50s in China. Lost Army recounts the incredible story of two armies that Chiang, during his retreat to Taiwan, had ordered to hide in Thailand and Burma, waiting to retake the mainland. As History tells us, the counter attack never happened, but what History doesn’t tell us is that solders, arms and descendants of these armies are still there today !!

We are in the middle of editing a passionate « green » story: Magnolia Man is the compelling portait of a Chinese entrepreneur who has decided to put all his energy and money into turning the exotic flower tree from royal plant living in the exclusive grounds of the imperial gardens into a popular tree that flowers every city of China.

Editing has been completed of the 5 part discovery series we are doing with our partner Filmquadrat from Munich for the ARTE discovery slot. Herbs across the Globe has also attracted Ushuaia TV in France, as well as MDR in Germany. Shooting took place last year in Latin America, Africa, India, the Alps and Balkan mountains.

We have started the editing another current affairs film, that this time deals with the unreported demonstrations in Macau, the « other colony » that was returned to China in 1999. Ever since, the former Portuguese enclave has become the Queen of Asian Casino cities with a turnover three times as high as Las Vegas. But in May 2014, Macau’s youth were in the streets, demonstrating for future other than roulette….

We’ll soon be off to participate in the boutique Thessaloniki Festival, before we’ll get ready for the very commercial MipDoc and MipTV in Cannes, early April.

All the best