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MipDoc and MipTV are around the corner again with new programmes, new faces and new opportunities. Despite protective policies and “ME FIRST” movements in the anglo-saxon world, compelling, creative documentaries continue to travel the world over. At ICTV we have prepared a few new, hard-hitting feature documentaries for you, presented in the highlights here, which you’ll be able to screen at MipDoc.

Furthermore, in response to increasing digital demand, this year we will be offering additional screenings of three of our classic flagship series’:

Political Assassinations (21 hours). This is the famous, remarkable collection of investigative films into the assassinations of world leaders such as Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Robert Kennedy, Patrice Lumumba, Anwar al Sadat, Malcolm X – current affairs gems.

China Screen (39 hours). These are incisive, observational documentaries about the realities of contemporary China. With a human touch, they depict the real China, as seen from inside. Who are the Chinese people really? What do they hate, what do they love, what do they fear?

Crossing the Line (6 hours). A collection of investigative documentaries -of which two are Emmy Nominees- about North Korean defectors fleeing their inhumane country in an attempt to gain self-esteem, dignity and freedom. While their unpredictable leader plays world chess, the North Korean people pay a high price just to survive.

For more details of these compelling collections, check out our website: www.ictv.fr. I will be attending both MipDoc and MipTV and very much look forward to seeing you there.