You will tell your Kids

You will tell your Kids


Meeting Abbot Pierre for his testament

Duration : 52’, Ratio : 4/3, Available Versions : English, French
Written and Directed by : Guy SOUBIGOU
Production: Guy Soubigou-Solferino Images-Quartier Latin
International Distribution : ICTV


Cet article est également disponible en : Français

In this interview, filmed at Chateau Emmaüs, Abbot Pierre remembers the beginnings of the NGO Emmaüs and recalls the spirit that presided over the creation of the movement. He talks about the themes that matter to him, and delivers the essence of his message. He is particularly interested in the future of young people by treating the new generation of the planet, the sense of beauty, of responsibility, of sharing, of freedom and of love.

Introduced by Gounod’s “Ave Maria”, this interview is enriched with different sequences featuring Abbot Pierre: in the cemetery of Esteville where he is buried today, in a meeting with young children, and in the chapel arranged for him at the chateau, during his daily meditation.

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