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Times in a Town


Daily life in a Police Station in the small Chinese town of Dongming

  • Duration: 62’, Ratio: 16/9, Format: HD, Available Versions: Chinese, English, French, Italian
  • Director: Qiao Jianjia, Producer: Qiao Jianjia, Wu Yadong
  • Cinematographer: Qiao Jianjia, Wu Yadong
  • Editor: Qiao Jianjia, Ma Qian, Bo Bing
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The film is set in a local police station in the small town of Dongming located close to the Yellow River in the North China Plain. The town has nearly 900,000 inhabitants, with, in its city center, some 200,000 citizens.

Public security is the responsibility of the urban police station manned by thirty policemen. Here, day in, day out, the police force confronts many different cases, sometimes resentful, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes ridiculous. But they all represent the reality of urban life in today’s China.

It is an observational film without any interference with the protagonist. The more or less dramatic scenes in the police station reveal the most common concerns and spiritual states of citizens in Chinese urban areas in the context of the very rapid social changes of the last years.