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The Old Fool refers to an ancient Chinese fable of an old man coined a fool for attempting to move the mountains that blocked the path in front of his house. He determinedly digs a small amount every day and with perseverance eventually manages to move these mountains. This fable carries the Chinese name of Yugong Yishan. It is also one of the three stories found in the Little Red Book, which Chairman Mao required everyone to memorize during the Cultural Revolution, to unite people in order to fight against the mountains he identified as imperialism and feudalism. Today, Yugong Yishan is the name of a small, makeshift bar, owned by a Chinese musician called Gouzi. Located in the heart of Beijing, it has already been marked for demolition to make way for more commercial ventures. Gouzi’s vision is to create a thriving independent music scene in Beijing. The film explores the spirit of The Old Fool through three generations.