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It crosses the roof of the world, winding more than 4,000 tortuous kilometres across 20 mountain chains and two desert plateaux. It spans four great rivers, and cuts through the territory of 26 different ethnic groups. This is the ancient Tea Road, which opens Southwest China onto Tibet – and thereby Nepal, India, Persia, Mongolia and Russia, and then Europe. The legendary Tea Road, crossed by Marco Polo during his travels, but used by innumerable horse trains for countless centuries before him. Their tracks are beaten deep into the rocks. This series of High Definition films follows in the hoof prints of those caravans which hauled their baggage of tea across the Tibetan Plateau and the Hima!layas to be sold in the markets of South West Asia and dispersed to the entire world. – Best Director Award Jules Verne Adventure Festival 2008 – Audience Choice Award Jules Verne Adventure Festival 2008