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Russia holds a good hundred protected reserves and nature parks that, until now, were kept from the public. They are distributed across an enormous expanse of land that has remained largely inaccessible, until today. Now, a combined Franco-Russian team explores these natural treasures. Their expedition allows us to discover exciting wildlife that is both surprising and unexpected, flourishing in the many unexplored reaches of Russia. This first series consists of two independent episodes which each deal with particular Russian regions. The films offer a richly diverse and original investigation of the natural secrets of these lands and their flora and fauna. The captivating footage of plants, animals, and landscapes that dominate these regions are all the more magical as they are offered to us here for the first time. Episode 1: Tundra, Steppe and Coast In the plains of the Tundra, the Steppes, and on the White Sea coast, the documentary explores some of earth’s most striking animals. Such as the polar bear, king of these frigid northern lands, the saiga, the Steppe’s comical looking antelope, or the lemming, which unwillingly serves as the main meal for numerous predators. Our team also examines a stunning procession of plant life as well as geographic wonders, such as the Tundra’s permafrost layer. Episode 2: Blue Gold, Russia’s Natural Treasure At the heart of this episode, without forgetting Lake Baikal’s nerpa seal, the Volga’s cranes, or the rare Caucasian bison, is a study of one of Russia’s most important natural resources. From the shores of the Volga to the depths of lake Baikal, and to the thousand rivers of the Caucasus, Russia has a supply of incalculable wealth: water. In a world that faces water shortages, Russia’s blue gold has become a precious natural resource.