The End of an American Dream: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy


Length : 52’, Ratio : 4/3, 16/9, Versions : French, English, Spanish
Written and Directed by : Yoash TATARI
Production : WDR – Quartier Latin
Worldwide distribution : ICTV

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It was June 1978, and American Senator Bobby Kennedy was going for President. The people adored him, but the political establishment and big business saw him as a threat. He had championed the poor and exploited, and he wanted America out of the Vietnam War: so he had made many enemies – among them the Mafia and the CIA. As he was celebrating victory in the Californian Presidential Primary in Los Angeles, he stopped by the kitchens of the Ambassador Hotel to thank the staff. That’s where an Arab immigrant shot him down. Sirhan Sirhan would be convicted for the murder, but subsequent investigation raises questions: was he in fact just the fall guy, and was the fatal shot fired by a second gunman?

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