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Investigations into Major Events that have changed our History and determine our Future.

For a longtime considered as a phenomenon from past, it is now obvious that the dynamics leading to Revolutions are both universal and timeless.

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Thus there are even more to come in the future: while you are reading this present note, somewhere else in this world, a Revolution is doubtlessly being prepared. We believe, that it is important to uncover the sometimes hidden reasons that have motivated people behind a revolution. It is vital to bring light to the non-confessed causes, those that usually stay behind the scenes. From those who pursue the revolution, and from those who are against it. By means of clarifying the hidden agendas and revealing the reasoning of both sides, we will provide the viewer with information which allows him to judge by his own. As of today, looking at the related uprisings, insurrections and riots as well as their longterm impact as revolutions, we have completed the following films.




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