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The Return of the Wolf / Stories of Men and Wolves


Of Wolves and Men, between Fear, Legend and Reality.

Duration : 52’ – 75’, Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available Versions : English, French, Italian
A film by Al essandro Abba Legna zzi & Andrea Deaglio – Editing: Isabelle Collin
Produced by Andrea Parena & Michel Noll
A production by Babydoc Film & Les Productions latérales
International Distribution : ICTV

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An iconic, mythical animal, the Wolf is nevertheless a wild animal and a fearsome predator. This is what Italian and French breeders have realized when it reappeared in the Alps at the beginning of the nineties. The majority of the breeders get organized to protect their herds, some in a legal way by creating associations, others illegally by setting traps. Yet other folk, fascinated by the animal, stalk it for scientific or artistic reasons.

From the both sides of the Alps, this documentary focuses on the relationship of several protagonists “from both sides” with the iconic animal: breeders, activists, mountain rangers, veterinarians, scientists and politicians reveal that their prevailing attitudes are often black and white as if to say that the real problem is in the society rather than simply about the canine.

And what if the discussion around the return of wolves would be only political, revealing the harsh living conditions of breeders, the lack of facilities in the mountains, the disconnected perception of reality that characterise certain ecological movements, or even the tendency by some city dwellers to simply wanting to eliminate any other life style, such as the pastoral one? This investigative film constitutes an opportunity to take stock of the changes of mentality regarding the notions of “wild nature” and our “domesticated, modern world”.

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52 mins, 75 mins


English, Français, Italiano