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Restoring the Light


Hopes and strength of Chinese peasants.

Duration: 55’, Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available versions: Chinese, French, English, Italian
Written, directed and produced by Carol LIU
Cinematography: Clarissa de Los Reyes – Sound: Andrew TROY – Editing: Walt LOUIE
A production: Visual Communications

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Although China is nowadays the first world economy, life conditions in the countryside still remain appalling. Many peasants have never entered a hospital in their entire life, nor have they ever seen a doctor.

Doctor Zhang comes from the countryside, but through his education he could emancipate himself and created his own eye clinic. He regularly goes to the villages to offer eye tests and surgery to those who cannot afford it. It is an extremely enriching job, but which demands constant sacrifices from his family as well. His mission is to give back the sight, to restore the light for those who live in the dark. In this film, we will follow Doctor Zhang focusing on two patients to better understand the challenge he undertook.

Juncheng is a joyful child, who likes to play with his sister and with other children. Unfortunately, he cannot attend primary school because of his total blindness. Only with a cornea transplant could change his destiny. Aware of his condition, Juncheng does not stop to dream and knows for sure that he will be a driver. His sister struggles with another disease, epilepsy, which she treats with very expensive pills.

Rongrong’s grand-mother suffers from cataract and hopes that one day she will return to work in the fields. Her grand-daughter, a strong-willed girl, very talented at drawing, is hit by another disease: an infection which erodes her feet, that prevents her from working in the fields. With the moral support of her grand-mother, of whom she often takes care, she decided to study: if she passes the university entry test, she will be able to study art and start a career as an artist.

Following the daily life of these families, we share their fears and difficulties and can realise how big is the gap between the two extents of Chinese society. We cannot but admire the strength of these people living at the lowest class of the social scale.

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