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One can be forgiven for considering that the world has gone a little mad. Globalization, homogenetics, standardization… It leaves little space for diversity, for favouring unusual points of view, even within the world of the arts. Yet cinema, and in very rare occasions, television remains a domain where fascinating cultural, social and challenging thoughts are still be taken up… It is from this arena that ‘point of view’ is born, our collection of ‘favourite’ films, gathered from all over the world through chance encounters. The objective: presenting to the viewer a broad diversity of view points and offering to directors, too often unrecognized, a platform for their expression. When screening them, the viewer will sometimes be disconcerted, disturbed or even shaken. But with those films a panel of possibilities emerges. They represent a compass to multiple purposed discoveries: Offer an opportunity to discover uncommon cinema works, uncompromising artistic views; Explore resolutely independent new styles, leaving formats way behind; Present a window of today’s and tomorrow’s creations, a reflection of a cinema seeing itself as a means of social resistance; Escape from usual genre or style classifications, advocate an intense desire to break through conventional borderlines; Reshape our landmarks and common sense; Let go of what we are used to seeing or hearing; Dive into the heart of remarkable stories, each one having its own way of showing and questioning the world around us. These films open out to other universes and horizons, offering to grab new strings leading to a better, maybe a deeper understanding of the twists and turns of reality And to share, for the duration of a screening, a film maker’s different vision of the world. > DISORDER a film by HUANG Weikai (59′) > MUST READ AFTER MY DEATH a Morgan DEWS film (73′) > THE OLD FOOL (WHO MOVE THE MOUNTAINS) a Joanna VASQUEZ ARONG film (30′) > LIVING IN PEACE an Antoine CATTIN and Pavel KOSTOMAROV film (45′)