Patagonia Alive (2×52′)

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Patagonia Alive (2×52′)

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At the far reaches of our world, stretching from the depths of the South Atlantic to the summits of the Andes, lies a land of gigantic proportions. This immense treasure is one of Mother Nature’s magical mysteries, just waiting to be discovered. Breathtaking landscapes, home to thousands of unique species, bear witness to magnificent remnants of the oldest civilizations: they all speak about the origin of Time, and our planet’s many wonders. EP. 1 : ANIMALS OF THE MOST SOUTHERN LAND EP. 2 : PATAGONIA, A LEGENDARY LAND More than 500 hours of images, captured by two of Argentina’s most renowned filmmakers, take us to the purest, unspoiled nature in this magic southern land of Patagonia…

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Dimensions 10 × 130 × 185 mm