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On April 20th 2008, carried by a tremendous popular support, Fernando Lugo the ‘suspended’ bishop, is elected president of the Republic of Paraguay. After sixty years of absolute power, the Colorado party is compelled to accept the political changeover. This very evening, the people who had for so long been oppressed, bursts into joyful revel and pour out into streets and squares for a celebration that looks more like a liberation. Paraguay, this small country squeezed between Bolivia and the two South American giants, Brazil and Argentina, born from interbreeding – an unique phenomenon on the whole continent – between a handful of Spanish and Guarani Indians. A region impregnated with idiosyncrasies, but above all a country synonymous of corruption and poverty. A lawless land marked by Alfredo Stroessner’s dictatorship, the longest dictatorship ever experienced in South America. This film will enable us to discover the unique social structure of this country, its painful past and its surprising identity. By listening the newly elected president, his deposed Colorado opponents, the specialists of the Paraguayan history and the people itself, this documentary helps us to understand why the Paraguayans, after so many years of dictatorship and unopposed governing, have entrusted their destiny to a religious figure who believes in democracy, throwing himself into the political arena in order to try to rescue his country from crime, injustice and poverty.