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Beijing, capital of China, a city full of surprises and contradictions. In 2003 it frenetically prepares to host the Olympic Games and ambitiously anticipates its future as a cosmopolitan Metropolis. No wonder that it attracts many visitors in quest of the easy life. Many foreigners from far and wide end up being drawn to the trendy bar Neo-Lounge. Run by a hip couple from Shanghai, the joint offers a refuge to the most unusual fortune seekers. The film follows a year in the lives of a group of flamboyant personalities. Amongst them, a Bulgarian jazz singer – after she lands her first gig – and a larger-than-life Italian businessman whose parties never seem to cease at his lavish home. As they and their colourful friends strive to chase their dreams of a better life in unpredictable Beijing, they soon enough find out that escaping one’s past isn’t always so easy.

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Weight 80 g
Dimensions 10 × 130 × 185 mm

52 mins