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My Father and my Mother


The long-term portrait of a Chinese peasant family in a remote mountain village

  • Duration: 88’ , Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available in: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Italian
  • A film written, directed and produced by JIAO Bo
  • Image: JIAO Bo – Sound: ZHU Yuling – Editing: Xibo JU
  • Production: Jiao Bo Guang Ying (Beijing) Culture Communication – Distribution: ICTV
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This film is drawn from a selection of photos and videos that JIAO has shot since the 1980s, during his frequent trips to his parents’ house in rural China. It’s an unvarnished and affectionate portrayal of the everyday life of a simple Chinese family in a remote mountain village. The aging couple works the land and looks after the photographer’s disabled elder brother. They bicker constantly, but are
clearly devoted to each other.

For JIAO, photographing his mom and dad has been his way to keep his family close by, all the while his profession needs him in the country’s capital Over the years, as we see his parents change, the intimacy within the family changes, too – until, inevitably, death approaches.

Out of more than 600 hours of raw video material, Jiao creates a moving and intimate love story that provides insight into the lives of elderly people in the Chinese countryside.