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January 16th 2001, Laurent Desire Kabila is murdered by a soldier-kid who had become his bodyguard. We are in the Congo, where four years earlier Kabila had seized power, putting an end to Mobutu’s dictatorial reign of several decades. A few minutes later, Kabila’s assassin is shot to death himself as he attempts to escape from the scene of his crime. Later, on his dead body a letter is found signed by the Military Attaché of the American Embassy: “Should there be a problem, call this number”. Many other trails will weave a thick curtain of mystery around this Murder, which, to this day, has not yet been solved. As far as Congolese Justice is concerned, 135 innocent people have been condemned, and 50 of them are still rotting in the country’s dreadful prisons. A hidden camera passed to one of the convicts in the prison of Makala reveals shattering testimonies, yet offers the gripping start of this investigation. This film is an in-depth investigation, centred on key actors – including the current President of Congo, Joseph Kabila– and eyewitnesses of the murder. The inquiry starts in the vastness of the Congolese territory and ends in Sweden, where the directors were able to locate the presumed accomplice of the murderer. Eyewitness interviews as well as archival footage never shown before, of the show trial and of the war in Congo, complete this thrilling journey into African justice.