Bloody Monday: The assassination of Lord Mountbatten

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Bloody Monday: The assassination of Lord Mountbatten


Length : 52’, Ratio : 4/3, 16/9, Versions : French, English
Written and Directed by : Hans-Rüdiger MINOW
Production : WDR – Quartier Latin
Worldwide distribution : ICTV

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Glassybourne House at Mullaghmore in Ireland was the favourite holiday spot of Lord Louis Mountbatten, cousin to the Queen of England, naval war hero and the last Viceroy of India, the man who had supported Mahatma Ghandi’s bid for independence. He thought he was safe there, believing he was well-loved locally, even though the Irish Republican Army was attacking prime targets in order to force Britain out of Northern Ireland. On the morning of August 27th 1979 Lord Mountbatten’s motor boat was blown to pieces by an IRA bomb, killing him and three others. And the IRA had not finished their operations in the area on that day : A second attack, by the same IRA group, would kill 18 British soldiers at Warren Point, just hours later.

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