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Since the end of the Cold War, the French Foreign Legion has become more involved than ever in international conflicts. Indeed, whenever France takes part in UN or NATO missions, it is the Legionnaires who are sent out. Yet we know little if anything about this 160 year-old organization, which has been the subject of a thousand legends. What exactly is this army and what lies behind its mystique? What is this unique military force actually achieving, and who are the men, drawn from more than 130 different nationalities, who one beautiful morning decided to erase their past lives to start all over? Two years in the making, this film answers these and many more questions. Using exclusive footage and confidential interviews, it documents the heart and secrets of this curiously monastic, renegade troop. Following the legionnaires’ footsteps, from their ultra-tough training to perilous missions in the Gulf, in Cambodia and in Sarajevo, we discover what makes the Legion so different from other armies. Through startling encounters with current legionnaires, officers and veterans, we enter a world that is usually hermetically sealed, and gain a deeper understanding of who these legendary soldiers really are, where they come from, and what they stand for.