Chateau Emmaüs

Chateau Emmaüs


A home for senior people in search of a meaningful «third age»

Duration : 26’, Ratio : 4/3, Available Versions : French
Written, Directed and produced by : Guy SOUBIGOU
Distribution international : ICTV


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Chateau Emmaüs is the retirement home reserved for the companions of Emmaus. Abbot Pierre lived there from 1993 until his death.

In this large building located on the outskirts of a small village in the Normandy countryside, retirees and senior citizens ‘work’ in their own way, not to ensure their subsistence, but to give to the most deprived, and participate in humanitarian actions: manufacture of blankets, toys, recovery and sorting of stamps, buttons, copper. The product of this work, lived as an occupation, is entirely redistributed. The joy of giving, the feeling of being useful are expressed in words and can be read on the faces.

Chateau Emmaus shows an alternative to a passive life, a meaningless one, experienced by many elderly people.

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