The end of a Colombian Dream: Denying the Assassination of Jorge Gaitán


Length : 52’, Ratio : 4/3, 16/9, Versions : French, English, Spanish
Written by: María VALENCIA – Directed by : María VALENCIA and Michel NOLL
Production : Quartier Latin Media – Solferino Images
Worldwide distribution : ICTV

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April 9, 1948. In the morning of that day, despite strong social tensions, US general Marshall opens the 9th Pan-American conference in Colombia’s capital Bogotá. Jorge Gaitán, the popular opposition leader and fierce opponent to the Colombian oligarchy, is shot dead. According to the US, he was a threat to their strategic interest in the region. But Gaitán’s supporters will riot for two days. 5000 of them will die in the ruins of the city. Subsequently, a long civil war will start and turn into the guerilla war we still know today. This film is the first serious investigation into the killing and the events in the days and years that followed.

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