Itinerary of a Rebel

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Itinerary of a Rebel


Tracing a North-Korean’s Citizen’s Quest for Dignity

Duration: 52′, Ratio: 16/9, Format: HDV, Versions: English, Korean, French
Written and Directed by: Harkjoon Lee
Produced by: Chung-oh Bang and Michel Noll
Production : The Chosunilbo & Solferino Images, Korea Creative Content Agency, The Foundation Broadcast for Culture in association with Chosun TV
Worldwide distribution: ICTV

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In order to generate sufficient means for his wife left behind in North Korea to survive, Han accepts a job as a lumberjack in a camp situated in Siberia. The North Korean government in ruthless deals with Russian entrepreneurs offers willing citizens the opportunity for ‘work’ in labour camps abroad. The wages are directly paid to the government who promise to pass the money on to the families left behind.

When Han finds out that none of his wages have reached his wife, he escapes and, on an epic journey, crosses the whole of Siberia. He needs to reach Moscow where he plans to reach a Western embassy. He finally succeeds and is accepted as a refugee by the United States of America. In order to prove its existence, he agrees to return to the camp he escaped from. Now he is waiting for a way to get his wife out of the North, but he refuses to go and live in South. Instead, he prepares for a new life in the US.

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52 mins


English, Français