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In the Olive Kingdom


Olive Growing reaches unparalleled Heights in Andalusia | Duration: 52’ – Ratio: 16/9 – Format: Full HD – Available versions: English, French

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With close to 300 million trees, Spain’s Southern province of Andalusia is the world’s uncontested Olive Kingdom. It is here that more olive oil is produced than anywhere else in the world… It is here that tons of waste from olive oil production are turned into electricity… It is here that you can gain a university degree in olive culture… The list of superlatives seems never ending. This time, the Olive Route will reveal to us the secrets of a phenomenally successful olivegrowing industry. We shall meet the Nuñez de Prado brothers, whose family have been growing olives for seven generations as well Antonio Romero, a worker on an olive farm, for whom the Andalusian olive groves are a paradise on earth. We will see how Periko Ortega of Cordoba, a young Andalusian Chef with a reputation reaching as far as Australia, turns cooking with olive oil into an art form . And with José Gomez, a globally renowned scientist, we will see the dangers that olive monoculture poses for soil erosion, thus demonstrating that economic success often comes at a price. In this “sea of olive trees” we will also take a trip to the largest olive mill in the world as well as to the most modern biomass power station in Europe. And in Cieza, near Malaga, we will meet Pedro Ramos, a “civil guard” who in his spare time has become the world champion in olive-stone spitting. Fabulous olive stories about each of the characters in a land where the olive tree is said to be in the DNA of it’s people.

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