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In the Kingdom of Fish


Mekong Alive: Episode 2

Length: 52’ – Ratio: 16/9 – Format: Full HD 1920-1080 50i – Available versions: English, French, German – Each film is a stand-alone, independent from the other documentaries of the portfolio.

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At present, about 65 million people in the Greater Mekong live directly from it and enjoy the great diversity of fish the river has to offer. Fishing methods are of course different according to places and ethnic groups: in Cambodia we will discover the life of a family living on a boat. It is a real floating house set up in the middle of Lake Tonle Sap. Fishing techniques constantly vary according to the volume of water brought to the lake by the Mekong. In total contrast, we will discover, while going up the river, the cormorant fishing in China, in the region of Gullin. And in Vietnam, while reaching the mouth of the waterway, we will follow the attempt and difficulties of setting up a fish farm.

Once more, modern Times strongly challenge the fishermen in the Greater Mekong. Torn between tradition and modernity, these men and women have to make for themselves, and also sometimes for their children, decisions about new ways of life. Climate change and pollution add to the problem of a painful adaptation to a new life-styles.

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