If Cities could Fly

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If Cities could Fly

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Sustainability influences today’s urban planners. Some argue that modern lifestyles use too many natural resources; polluting or destroying ecosystems, increasing social inequality, creating urban heat islands, and causing climate change. Many urban planners, therefore, advocate sustainable cities with the following characteristics : compact, efficient land use; less automobile use, yet better access; efficient resource use; less pollution and waste; the restoration of natural systems; good housing and living environments; a healthy social ecology; a sustainable economy; community participation and involvement; and preservation of local culture and wisdom. In this film, three forward thinkers explore original scenarios for the future: a scientist inspired by science-fiction, an urban planner who likes playing with toy cars and an artist intent on inventing new utopias. Let’s follow them on a short tour around Europe to discover what they have in mind for us and our cities in the not too distant future.

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