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In this selection of films, we will go in the heart of public debates dealing with global and, so to speak, trendy stakes: environment, energy, the diversity of species and peoples, food security, world governance… given today’s complexities, the list is long. Far from political forums, documentary cinema seems to have a role to play in increasing public awareness of the most urgent community issues. Filmmakers from wide and far, all committed in their own way, will tell us stories of men and women, of ethnic groups and peoples, who’s livelihood is endangered, who’s identity is threatened, who’s future is corrupted. These investigations will take us beyond the borders of the countries at stake, echoing universal questions. They affect us all, both today and tomorrow. > IF CITIES COULD FLY… (52′) a film by Jean-Baptiste MATHIEU Setting on the future of the urban transport > ORGANIC, AGAINST ALL ODDS (52′) a film by WEI Shi Portrait of an unusual Chinese family > DUST (52′) a film by JIN Huaqing Construction workers paying with their lives an uncontrolled urban development > MURKY WATERS (52′) a film by FEI Youming and LIU Shuo Tribulations of a Fish Tycoon in China