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Forever Runner


The Story of LU Chiu – Her Battle for a New Life.

Duration : 52’, Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available versions : Chinese, English, French
A film by JANG Dajung – adapted by Michel NOLL – Produced by JANG Yung-Lin
Cinematography: JANG Dajung & WAN Pei-Chyi – Sound: Eric LIANG – Editing : HSIU Yin Sung & Delphine GAREL
A co-production : Impress Productions – Productions latérales
In association with Good Day Films , Quartier Latin Media & Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
International Distribution: ICTV

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Chiu is 32 when she starts to run in the sports team of her Taiwanese company. Very quickly she will be recognized as a winning member, in particular in long distances. She discovers that she really likes marathon, trains passionately for it, and over a few years, becomes the most celebrated multi-winning Marathon Champion of Taiwan. But her ambition drives her even further. When she discovers that European runners practice ultra-marathon, she will not be able to resist: in 2008, she participates in the Trans-Gaule held in France: 1 100 Km to be run in 17 days in a row. And she will arrive second. But she neglects a bacterial infection developed at her foot during the first days: at the end of the run, it has spread all over her leg. The tragic result: to save her life, the leg needs to be amputated.

Upon her return to Taiwan, Chiu has to reinvent herself. Her second life will have to exclude running, an activity that she had almost become addicted to. With great determination, and extraordinary courage, assisted lovingly by her husband, she slowly starts to build a new life. Yet, she recognizes her need for challenge, and gets herself a tricycle made to custom with which she trains incessantly.

After 4 years of re-education, she decides to return to France, to the very place where the drama took place. She reconnects to the ultra-marathon European community and can therewith heal her deep scar. This time, when she returns to Taiwan, she decides to participate again in numerous marathons, now on her tricycle.

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English, Français, Italiano, 中文