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For a few years now China has been undergoing considerable changes. The implosion of the Soviet Empire, the reforms and opening-up policy, the advent of consumerism and the emergence of modernity: important challenges to meet, both socially and economically. Although the country has gained considerable international influence, it’s inner mechanisms actually remain largely unknown. Between the «yellow peril» and an economic miracle, one often forgets to consider the 1.3 billion Chinese citizens attempting to find their place in a completely new context. That’s why we feel it is important to talk about «the New China» differently: through an exceptional portfolio of human interest stories, filmed from the inside by young independent Chinese filmmakers. By observing its diversity, in the cities and in the countryside, with the young and families, with rich and poor, but always with ordinary people. The curious viewer will find here a compelling mosaic revealing a mysterious, complex and authentic China. > MY LAST SECRET (52′) a film by LI Xiaofeng and JIA kai When there is only one hold left over those around an elderly woman > ORGANIC, AGAINST ALL ODDS (52′) a film by WEI Shi Portrait of an unusual Chinese family > FLAVOUR AND AFFINITY (52′) a film by WANG Feng Behind the scenes of Canton’s Chao Restaurants > THE YANGTZE RIVER’S GREEN SAILORS (52′) a film by CHEN Fu et SHENG Shiping Challenges, struggles and daily lives of the river’s garbage men at the Three-Gorges-Dam