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Across Land, Across Sea


Freedom by the tides

Duration: 52′, Ratio: 16/9, Format: HDV, Versions: English, French, Korean and Japanese
Written and Directed by: Harkjoon Lee, Dongkyun Ko and Hein S. Seok
Produced by: Chung-oh Bang, Kenichi Imamura and Michel Noll
Production: The Chosunilbo & Solferino Images, Korea Creative Content Agency, The Foundation Broadcast for Culture, in association with RTBF, Chosun TV, NHK, TVN 24, DR2
Worldwide distribution: ICTV

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Songgook and Sueryun are a newly-wed North Korean couple now living in the south. As is the case for an estimated 20 000 defectors who have built or are trying to build a new life in South Korea, they are attempting to secure their entire family’s freedom by arranging their defection along with them to the South. This phenomenon has been coined, « chain of escapes ».

The Songgook couple’s family members have contacted them to seek assistance to escape the North. Songgook puts his life at risk, making a dangerous trek to the Tumen River, a border zone between China and North Korea. He makes plans to lead a daring escape: to smuggle his family into the South by boat. Because of the extreme dangers associated with this journey, this kind of attempt is very rare. And this is the first ever to be filmed.

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