A perilous soul

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A perilous soul


The Great Mekong faces an uncertain future

  • Length: 100’, Ratio :16/9, Format : HD, Versions available: English, Français
  • Directed and Produced by Li Xiaoshan and Michel NOLL
  • Production : Solferino Images – CCTV in Association with national television services of Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Distribution Asia : CICTV; Worldwide distribution : ICTV
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This film invites us to discover one of the longest rivers in the world, the Mekong. All along its course, from the Tibetan plateau to its mouth in the China Sea, on nearly 5.000 kilometres, this mighty river offers us uncountable enriching discoveries: the wonderful flora and rich fauna, the diversified landscapes of the Greater Mekong, the majestic mountains and wild gorges, the quiet lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. We will discover countless temples set on its banks revealing the presence of Buddhism but above all, we will meet some of the 320 million people who live along the stream. It spreads over six countries: China, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

With its abundant production of rice, fruits, vegetables and flowers, its basin has become what could be called the ‘garden of the world’, in comparison to Amazonia which is often called “the lung of the world”. Even if the countries, languages, histories, customs and nationalities are different, this river remains the undisputed economical, social and spiritual link of the region, oft called the Greater Mekong. Many colourful characters, all living on the banks of the waterway, will guide us in the discovery of the magnificent natural landscapes and traditional customs, leaving us to wonder about the imprint those natural links on the People of the Mekong. And about the environmental challenges they have to face.

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English, Français