A Family in the Sinkhole

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A Family in the Sinkhole


Mother and Son in a small community are confronting each other about the future of their village

  • Duration: 71’, Ratio: 16/9, Format: HD, Available Versions: Chinese, English, French, Italian
  • Director: Yao Zubiao, Producer: Chen Liang
  • Cinematographer: Yao Zubiao, Zhang Mimi; Editor: Yao Zubiao, Zhang Zhongchen, Li Kan
  • Colorist : Yao Zubiao; Sound Designer:William Hsieh
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Situated in the biggest sinkhole in China’s Yunnan Province, the small village of Daguoquan has attracted an increasing number of visitors in recent years which affected every villager’s fate. In the view of the local authorities and some residents the future of the village lies in the further development of tourism. Their belief is that more tourists will generate more income for the villagers. Unfortunately, not everybody supports this view, and many conflicts emerge within the community.

The film looks at the fate of young Xiuxiang, who, in line with the tourist development plan, and supported by the local authorities, starts to clean and beautify the area. However, he soon has to confront the resistance of his own mother, who is unwilling to remove the rubbish from her room, and, for her own reasons, insists on keeping her pig in the stone cave.

This family dispute serves as a metaphor to illustrate the controversies arising within rural China in relation to contemporary economic and social developments. As the director’s camera continues to observe the events, we also witness the realities of the relationship between the villagers and the local authorities. Thanks to the pig, for Xiuxiang and his mother, 2016 will stay a very memorable year!