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A Barefoot Revolution


Burkina Faso’s October Revolution and its Aftermath.
Duration : 52’ and 25’, Ratio : 16/9, Format : HD, Available versions : English, French, Italian
A Film by Chrsitian Carmosino – written by Michel NOLL – Editing: Isabelle Collin
Produced by Vito Zagarrio & Michel Noll
A production of Les Productions latérales iand Roma Tre University
In association with BDM TV, RSI Televisione svizzera, Deutsche Welle and Quartiier Latin Media
International Distribution : ICTV

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When Blaise Compaoré tried to amend Burkina Faso’s constitution to allow himself to serve a third term, his people chased him from the presidential palace. Young, fun and absolutely determined – this African revolution has cast its light far and wide. Burkina Faso, a small, desperately poor country in West Africa, made the rulers in many African capitals tremble. After Compaoré‘s 27 years in power, the people want justice and democracy and, a year later, elections are due. But are the gains of the October 2014 revolution in danger? What comes next is still uncertain.

This documentary isboth a chronology of events and a close look at the post-revolutionary period. Burkina Faso’s popular “Balai Citoyen” (Citizen’s Broom) movement demonstrates the democratic vitality of African societies and proves that even seemingly impregnable rulers can be overthrown by peaceful means. Its leaders, musicians Smockey and Sams’K LeJah, have had great influence on Burkina Faso’s young people. Filmmaker Christian Carmosino talked to them and witnessed the protests at first hand. He takes a critical look at the way the original revolutionary energy has been channeled during the transitional period.

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