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European Festival of Chinese Documentaries


– 28th October to 6th November 2016-

The French non-for profit Association Les Écrans des Mondes, faithful in its mission to create and support dialogue between the world’s peoples, is organizing China Screen focusing on independent Chinese documentaries. The festival’s goal is to reveal to the general public the often unknown and sometimes mysterious contemporary China. In its sixth edition this year, it aims at disclosing some of the country’s secrets and, above all, at encountering its citizens, through the eyes of young independent Chinese filmmakers. They film for us, with much courage, the hidden realities and too often concealed current affairs, beyond the political propaganda, but also far from the clichés conveyed by the West. This festival, a unique event for its independent spirit, both in France and elsewhere in Europe, offers to anyone who is curious about China to discover young and brave Chinese filmmakers, who share with us their insights, their worries and their hopes arising from a beautiful country full of contradictions. This year, eight full-length feature films will be presented in the international selection:

  1. Cloudy Mountain – 86 min – China 2013
    A film by Zhu Yu
    The lives and sorrows of asbestos miners in contemporary China.
  2. Look Love – 145 min – China 2014
    A film by Yun He
    The family unity and the children’s future, victims of the new Chinese lifestyles?
  3. Spinning World – 87 min – China 2014
    A film by Suljay Lee
    Teenagers of a small Tibetan village looking for a life beyond home and its traditions.
  4. A Young Patriot – 105 min – China 2015
    A film by Haibin Du
    A young adult explores Chinese patriotism with the Youth born after 1990.
  5. Searching for Yu Bin – 105 min – Belgium – China 2015
    A film by Jean Christophe Yu
    While exploring his grandfather’s past, Jean-Christophe Yu rediscovers some of China’s unknown History.
  6. A Way Out– 94 min – China 2015
    A film by Cherelle Zheng
    While today’s China offers it’s Youth a promising future, it also brings its share of difficulties and deception.
  7. Hero or Rebel? – 87 min – France – Chine 2016
    A film by Larry Chan
    Facing social injustice in Macau, young Chinese activists resist and fearlessly challenge the political system.
  8. Generation 90 – 85 min – France – China 2016
    A film by He Wenzhong
    The Chinese Youth born in the 90s has to face challenges their parents never knew

We would like to establish solid partnerships with any person, association or institution interested in this unifying and universal festival. We thank you for informing any potential partners by spreading widely this bulletin and are looking forward to receiving any advice or suggestion at [email protected]

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