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  • 16 oct : DIONYSUS, le retour 26 September 2022
    Ciné-Club 2022 de GrecDoc à Paris, Cycle de projections mensuelles DIONYSUS, le retour de Spyros Tsiftsis, 95min, Grèce, 2020Le théâtre ou l’art de dévoiler le corps selon Terzopoulos. Dimanche 16 Octobre 2022 à 11h30 : au Cinéma GRAND ACTION, 5 Rue des Ecoles, 75005 PARIS. Séance suivie d’un débat.
  • 14 oct : Comme tout le monde 26 September 2022
    Le Cinéma documentaire des 2 Morin Cycle mensuel de projections-débats Comme tout le monde de Philippe Dinh & Patrick Muller, 52min, France, 2018Les témoignages de trois jeunes «sans domicile fixe» dans le quartier du Centre Pompidou Vendredi 14 Octobre 2022 à 20h00 :: à la salle polyvalente de Hondevilliers 77510 :: Séance suivie d’un débat […]

ICTV specialises in three areas: Current Affairs (Tempo), Social Issues (Agora) as well as Life Style, Travel and Adventure (Explora). With our Points de Vue portfolio, we also offer other outstanding, creative documentaries.

Through our distribution and production activities, we passionately pursue the development, production and distribution of top range documentaries. Our aim is to celebrate freedom of speech, the independence of local production industries and support those who build their lives on dialogue.

We are constantly looking for new ways to offer our viewers alternative ways to discover and reflect upon our world and, while TV remains a major tool in this respect, art house cinemas and festivals are used more and more to screen innovative and outstanding documentary work. Public screenings can be organised by theme, season, filmmaker or other criteria. Please contact our festival team to discuss organising your event.


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We are very happy to develop, produce, distribute and screen our films within a network of European and international partnerships. The know-how and experience of our partners actively supports our Quest for excellence and the Constitution of a rich and diversified portfolio of contemporary and yet timeless documentaries.